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Welcome to Harmony,
Ed Kasper, Sri Gali, Chintan Desai, Joel Feishman, Nina Palekar 
HARMONY HOA Board of Directors    board@harmonyhoa.org
  The 2014 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 24, 2014. at the Cary Senior Center, 120 Maury Odell Place, Cary, NC 27513. We hosting it in the Ball Room. Regristartion begins at 6:30 PM. Members must regrister to recieve their ballot and turn in any proxies to the Secretary before the meeting starts - scheduled to start at 7 PM.   Google Map 

Notice the Tennis Court Lock Combination is under - HOA Documents & Forms   link on the Left column.  
Board's  letter to the Town of Cary regarding Safety of our Streets. 
The High Visability Crosswalk across Turner Creek Rd has been tentatievly approved. Awaiting approval of NC DOT and town council approval expected to go before the town council in November-December 2014. 
1. Reduction in the posted speed limit from 35 mph to 30 mph on Turner Creek Rd, from NC 55 to its end.
2. Relocation of the current School Zone Flasher Assembly on eastbound Turner Creek Rd from its existing location on the school property line to a point approximately 75 feet east of Amiable Loop/Alliance Circle.
3. Installation of SCHOOL pavement markings on eastbound Turner Creek Rd at the location of the relocated school zone flasher assembly.
4. Relocate the existing speed limit /End School Zone sign assembly from its current location approximately 40' east of Amiable Loop/Alliance Circle to a point west of Amiable Loop/Alliance Circle.
5. A high visibility crosswalk will be installed on Turner Creek Rd at Amiable Loop/Alliance Circle for the eastern pedestrian crossing.
6. Standard crosswalks and stop bars will be installed on all side streets along Turner Creek Rd.
7. For the bike lanes on Turner Creek Rd, provide Bike Lane signs, No Parking signs, and bike lane pavement markings from Amiable Loop/Alliance Circle to its end.
8. Study the impact to parking along side streets due to enforcement of No Parking in the bike lanes along Turner Creek Rd.
please direct comments to the NHW  or the board 
REZONING   we, as a community, have successfully fought the 120 unit Town Home developemnt first proposed. 
   In Sept,  Ed and Joel met with Jason Barron, the Herndon's attorney and Jeremy Medlin of M/I Homes. 
    Jeremy, has said that they are looking to develop quality Single Family Homes in the density of 3.1 units per acre. About 50 Homes. The application allows up to 4 units per acre. 
See M/I Homes  http://mihomes.com/Find-Your-New-Home/Raleigh-Homes click #4 to bring up Homes built near Harmony. We will be having more discussions in late Novemenber.  please direct comments to the board 

~ HOA Board Meeting ~
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~ Surveys ~
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~ Traffic Guidelines ~
Please use caution by obeying Harmony speed limits, crosswalks, and signage.
The speed limit on Turner Creek Road is 35 mph, but only *25 mph* on all other streets in our neighborhood.  There are also stop signs at every Turner Creek Road intersection. Some drivers
disregard road signs and create dangerous situations.  This is a particular concern, given the
number of kids in our neighborhood and our close proximity to Turner Creek Elementary School.
Traffic Safety Team of the Cary Police Dept recommends we call: 919-319-4521 to report any
neighborhood traffic concerns like speeding, recklessness, failure to yield/stop, etc.
Contact the Police to report unsafe driving behavior when you see it. Thanks for doing your part!

~ NW Safety Issue Reporting ~
A Guideline for Harmony Residents...
Anyone residing in HARMONY who observes and/or identifies an issue, problem, and/or
concern, of a nature that impacts or involves
individual, property, and/or community safety, should send a timely and detailed e-mail to the
Neighborhood Watch Committee e-mail boxwatch@harmonyhoa.org
1. The Board and CAS, will be notified of the issue via e-mail, by the NW Chairperson and/or
Co-Chairperson, based upon the information received, observed, and validated.
2. The NW Chairperson will draft a message for the community.
     a. The message will always include:
If this is an emergency issue, please contact one or more of the following responders:
Cary Police Dept at: 919-469-4012  /  Cary Fire Dept at: 919-469-4056  /  and/or 911

3. The NW Chair will send an e-blast to the community, and to the HOA Board, through
the NW e-mail address list, as well as posting information on Harmony Google Groups.

~ Social Committee Volunteers ~
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~ Tennis Courts ~
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~ Emergency Services ~
(919) 469-4012 for Non-Emergencies
(919) 469-4056 for all Other Inquiries
(919) 380-6909 for all Other Inquiries
(800) 222-1222 for Poison Related Inquiries
(800) 419-6356 for Outage Reporting & Info
(877) 776-2427 for Gas Leaks/Odors 

~ School Crosswalk Safety ~
Turner Creek Elementary School Crosswalks require additional attention and consideration.
Accompany your kids when they walk to and from school.  Report unsafe drivers to the Police.
Remember, it is unlawful to park within 25 feet of a street corner.  Parents who shuttle their
children to and/or from our school bus stops, must not park within 25 feet of the street corner.
By doing so, you are compromising the safety of all pedestrians and impeding traffic flow.
You may be subject to a ticket from the Town of Cary Police.
The Town of Cary Ordinance , Chapter 34, Article 4 , Section 34-103 Subd # 11 reads:
"No Stopping , Standing, or Parking within 25 Feet from the intersection of curblines."

~ Neighborhood Watch Community Alerts ~
Home Break-In's On The Rise In Our Area!
Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, and Chatham County.
Here are some details:
- Typically occurs during the day or early evening.
- Men, wearing reflective vests, pose as workers.
- They claim to be looking for work.
- Entry made through a rear door or rear windows.
- A maroon (dark red) vehicle may be involved.
- They may be from Texas.

If you see anyone wearing a reflective vest
around the neighborhood, and their vehicle
doesn't have a clear business name on it,
and they appear suspicious, call Cary Police
immediately!  919-469-4012

~ Pool Access Information ~
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~ Trash Cans & Collection ~
Trash Cans are to be kept inside during non-collection days, unless you have an approved,
outdoor screened area (see the Harmony Documents & Forms Page for more details).
Be sure not to block mailboxes or driveways, when you place your cans at the curb.
The Town of Cary collects trash every Tuesday & recyclables every other Tuesday.
Schedules can change, due to holidays or emergencies, such as severe weather.
Dispose newspapers properly -- RECYCLE -- Don't just leave them lying around outside.
phone number: 919-469-4090

~ Key Fob Replacement ~
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~ Street Light Outage ~
To Report a Street Light Problem, obtain the
street light number if possible, then contact:
or call them at : 800-419-6356